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Life-Sized Operation Game

A life-sized game of operation to educate people about women’s health.

Client: Emerge Festival for the Old Operating Theatre

Duration: 1 week (2019)

Topic: Women's Health Awareness

The Brief

Find a way for audience members to engage with a tired museum collection while having one key takeaway about healthcare.

The Outcome

A giant, life-size version of the classic “Operation” board game which featured a Desi woman as the patient. Further interaction revealed information about the ways in which blood donations from Black and Brown people played a special role in women’s health.

The Team

Illustration: Sophia Luu

Visual Concepts and Storyboarding: Mathilda Della Torre

Electronics: Minh Huynh

Woodwork: Minh Huynh and Sophia Luu

Research and Marketing: Rashmi Shankar

Photography: Michael Tigchelaar

Partners: Emerge Festival and the Old Operating Theatre. Special thanks to Svetlana and Monica.

Special Thanks to Josie at Machines Room and Peter from Solowood Recylcing for helping us sourcing materials and prop space!


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