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ITV: On The Mend

ITV ident together made by NHS staff 'mending' the ITV logo.

Client: Imperial Health Chairty, ITV

Duration: 2 Months

Topic: Health Awarness

The Brief

When approached by ITV and Imperial Health Charity, our only guidance was creating an ITV ident collaboratively with a group of NHS staff, which celebrated Britain coming together. We spent lots of time brainstorming what that meant to us and how it could be visualised. We wanted to highlight the NHS coming together but also the importance of making something fun. After pitching to Imperial Health Charity and ITV Studio different concepts, we decided to work with a cut-out ITV logo that would be mended using different foam shapes. There were a couple of restrictions for the brief, including:

  • Must be made and filmed entirely in one day

  • Must allow for different levels of participation

  • Must look good as an ident and as a finished ITV logo

  • Must have a cohesive theme that will work well visually but also have room for surprise

  • Involve the theme of 'Britain coming together' for ITV

The Outcome

I designed the concept for a workshop where a group of NHS staff was given broken sections of the ITV logo and had to mend the logo by using a craft related to their profession. A surgeon, for example, glued and stitched pieces back together with filler and thread. The participants constructed the logo live in front of cameras, in order to create the ident. The piece emphasised the journey of the shapes from broken pieces into a ‘fixed’ whole and celebrated the important role that creativity plays in supporting our health and wellbeing.

The Team

  • Workshop development and facilitation – Sophia Luu and Mathilda Della Torre

  • Charity partner – Imperial Health Charity (Lucy and Kate)

  • Workshop participants –  Harvey, Carol, Lily

  • Film crew – ITV Studios

  • Generously supported by ITV Studios.


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