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Designing Research Tools

A selection of research tools I have designed for talking about various topics.

Fairplay Board Game

Topic: Bias in Healthcare Services

Description: A board game I made to share some user stories while researching how genomics databases are formed. The gave helped stakeholders to understand the consequences of their service decisions on their users and patients.

Fairplay Board Game

Topic: Bias in Healthcare Services

Description: Booklets to help the team understand the difference between race, ethnicity and ancestry in genomics, by minicking a child's anatomy book. Helped to give valuable insight into how these perceptions were different cross culturally.

Healthcare workers pegs

Topic: Bias in Healthcare Services

Description: Hand painted pegs to capture a wider diversity of who uses the healthcar services. They are a useful tool to get stakeholders to think about a range of patients, and can be helpful with persona building.

Journey Mapping Decision Tree

Topic: Global Maternal Health

Description: A new take on a traditional journey map, which looked at all the decisions made by birthing people, their families, traditional healthers and primary/secondary facility staff when someone is giving birth. Helped stakeholders to understand the variety of decisions that happen on a birthing journey.

Journey Mapping Multiple Users

Topic: Health Donations

Description: A more traditional example of a journey map, but showing multiple stages in different donor's experiences of going through a blood/organ donation dervice. This was coupled with stats and figures which showed key drop off points along each service.


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