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Design for Difficult topics with serious joy.

Oh, hi! I'm a Freelance trauma-informed designer, researcher and childhood-sexual-abuse activist working on topics no one else wants to talk about. 

What I offer...


User Research

  • Unique 'Serious Joy' methodology adopting an intersectional and trauma-informed approach.

  • Qualitative user research through 1-1 interviews, focus groups, workshops and ethnographies

  • People-centred design 

  • Insight generation 

  • Digital and Physical Creative prototyping

  • Mental Health First Aider


Experiential Design

  • Designing innovative experiences and events that get people talking

  • Games Design

  • Event Facilitation

  • Physical and Digital event spaces

  • 3D, illustration and videography skills to help  with prototyping

  • Translation and focus on insights

  • Safety and support for all event participants, from conception to delivery and beyond.

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Care Advocacy & Culturally Inclusive Design Consulting

  • Engaged in a range of minoritised communities networks to challenge systematic voices

  • Advocating for survivor-centred care in design research 

  • Challenging the design industry's traditionally extractive methods

  • Addressing biases and advocating for inclusivity by questioning power structures

My deep interests lie in...

Sexual Abuse and Violence

I have extensive experience working with survivors of sexual violence and their allies, both from the lens of a fellow survivor, as well a trauma-informed researcher. My area of deep knowledge is in childhood sexual abuse (intra-familial), and I was trained at the Child Sexual Abuse Centre. I have founded a platform called Secrets Worth Sharing, on having more approachable conversations with serious joy. 

Mixed & Intersectional Identities

Authentic user research must take into account the lived experiences of all people, and to honour the work of Kimberlé Crenshaw, the many intersectional ways this manifests. As a mixed woman of colour who is active in East and South East Asian community circles, I can help you design services that are culturally sensitive and inclusive, whilst acknowledging how it can feel to work alongside communities that are not your own. 

Healthcare Inequalities

Healthcare should be accessible for all, but right now it isn't.  I have 5+ years of experience working with the NHS, public-funded health initiatives, pharma, and biotech companies. I understand the biases and racism in healthcare and am committed to communicating these issues to a range of stakeholders. My expertise spans different fields such as blood donation, primary health facilities, medical cold chains, and genomic medicine. 

Talking about Difficult Topics

As someone who is passionate about creating safe spaces, I invented a methodology called 'Serious Joy' when talking about difficult topics. As a Mental Health First Aider, I have the expertise to manage any topic that may arise during our session. I use games and other activities to get people talking and feeling comfortable to share. Lean into the discomfort with me and start confronting those difficult topics head-on for real progress.

I've worked with...

"Your presence is so joyful and congruent, and I have enjoyed learning from you in these last couple of cycles! You are so committed about making people feel listened to"

Staff member, Chayn

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