Sophia Luu
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Who Nose Best?

You can reference an image in an essay - why not a smell?

My dissertation was a chance to explore unconventional ways of displaying research in The University of Cambridge.

This work looked at scent maps, images used by perfumers to described smells which resembled colour wheels.

I argued that scent maps were not an accurate way of representing smell as scents do not mix into one another in similar way to colours.

To demonstrate this, I provided an appendix of 6 scents, where I showed that odoourants from various scent families do not simply merge into one another.

The perfumes I made were as follows:
1. Mandarin and Calone
2. Raspberry Ketone, Prunella and Gamma Decalactone
3. Ally Amyl Glycol (pineapple), Acetate Benzyl and Aldehyde C16 (Strawberry)
4. Cassis (Blackcurrant Leaf)
5. Iris, Geraniol and Neroli
6. Anis Oil

Sophia Luu image 3.jpg