The Impact


“I think it’s incredible to see how good we were working together.”

— Workshop Participant

“It’s really nice to be working with colleagues whom I don’t normally see.”

— Workshop Participant, ___ (Orthopedic Surgeon)

“It’s just a release really. It’s been a really positive experience.”

— Workshop Participant, Carol (Dementia Care Nurse)

“I probably haven’t done something this therapeutic in a long long time.”

— Workshop Participant, Harvey (Child Physiotherapist)

“We’ve produced something fantastic and that’s pretty much what we do everyday in the NHS.”

— Workshop Participant

“We were delighted to work with On The Mend and our NHS colleagues to bring this fantastic interpretation of the logo to life. The finished artwork beautifully represents the invaluable role of the NHS in looking after the nation’s health.”

— Lucy Zacaria, Head of Arts at Imperial Health Charity

The Insights

That design and making really can bring people together and that creativity plays such an important role in supporting our health and wellbeing.


  • Working relationship with Imperial Health Charity
  • Exposure through ITV channel, the third most popular TV channel in the UK with more than 5 million viewers weekly

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