If we could do this again…

At On the Mend, we are honest about our successes and our failures. We know that we can never fix every single problem with a single interaction. Below are some of our key reflections, and things we would change if we could repeat this work:

Speak with hospice staff personally – Some hospice staff had expressed concern about receiving a bulk of letters – not just for the extra workload added but out of concern that they could be carrying the virus. We of course did not want to be the cause of any staff burden, and in the end we managed to make things work by providing a printable poster. But we should have thought to consider the staff much sooner in the process.

Order a copy of the postcards for ourselves

We made over 300 copies of the postcards to be sent to the employees, but we didn’t think to send any to ourselves. This meant it was slightly harder to lead workshops without the postcards in front of us. It also meant that we never got to see the final result of our design!

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